Places to be visited in and around Makkah:

When one is on his or her tour of Umrah, he or she will surely want to visit the holy sites. Those holy sites are known as Ziyarat. There are many ziyarats in and around the holy city of Makkah. The importance of these places is that once Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUP lived there or spent some time. We, Muslims, whenever visit Makkah, we visit these ziyarats.

The list of holy sites to be visited is as under:

Ghar E Hira: the Holy Quran revealed for the first time at this holy site. It is present in Makkah.

Ghar E Suhr: it is the holy place where Prophet Mohammad PBUH and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq rested in the night of Hijrah. This place is a cave and a must-to-be-visit ziyarat while you are visiting ziyarats.

Birthplace of Beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH): this is another holiest place which is very close to Haram. It is now turned into a library.

Jable E rehmat: when Prophet Adam and his wife Hawa were placed upon earth, they were separated. They found each other at this site. Therefore, it is also a very holy site to be visited.

Jannatul Mualla: the very famous and holy graveyard in Makkah. Since among the resting members in these graves are also the closest relatives of Prophet Mohammad PBUH like a mother, son, wives, uncles, and grandfather; it is a very pious place, and no unnecessary sound or noise is allowed. Furthermore, no women are allowed here as it is a graveyard. You will learn once you go there that thousand of companions of Prophet PBUH are also burred there.

Minah, Muzdalifah, Arafat: these are the places which are also the rukns of Hajj, and they must be visited during Hajj.

Masjid E Nimra: present in the ground of Arafat. At this place, the Holy Prophet PBUH delivered the historical sermon, which has changed the perspective of Muslims and how they should live their lives.

Makkah Museum: it is located at just 10 minutes’ drive from Haram, on the old Jeddah Road. It contains all information about the holy city of Makkah and how things were and have changed over the period. Also, the evolution of Islam can be observed through history presented over there.

Places to be visited in and around Makkah:

Masjid E Quba: First Masjid ever built is also one of the most visited sites during the season of hajj, umrah and all around the year.

Jannat Al Baqi: Resting place of thousands of the companions and family of RasulAllah SallahuAlayhiwasalam.

Uhud: Place of the battle of Uhud

Jabal E Uhud: it is that resting place when during the battle of Uhud Muslim soldiers would take rest and refresh themselves.

Masjid E Nabawi Library: located on the west side wall inside Masjid-e-Nabwi, you can find all kind of reading materials; different books of different scholars and also different Nuskhay of Holy Quran.

Badr: this is the place where the battle of Badr took place. It is present at almost 2 hours’ drive from Madinah. It shows the struggle Muslims did when they were fighting for their rights and Islam.

Masjid E Juma: the holy place where Surah Jumma was first revealed. It is also that very place where the very first Jumma prayers were offered.

Masjid E Qiblatain: When Allah SWT sent the order to change the direction of their Qibla while a prayer was being offered. Holy Prophet PBUH and his ten followers changed the direction immediately without asking anything. This is that act due to which those ten followers were granted Jannah surety while they were still alive.