How to put on your Ihraam

Ihram is the most important feature of Hajj or umrah. The piece of cloth which is worn by men is referred to as ihram too. It is a two-piece of cloth, but what is the right way to wear the ihram? Not many people are aware of it. So, today we will be taking about it.

  • The first thing is to prepare oneself mentally. Cleanse the mind of provocative thoughts and get ready to accept the limitations that come with Ihram.
  • Cut unwanted hair and nails.
  • Take a thorough bath and clean yourself from impurities.
  • Once you are clean, wear the lower part of the Ihram (IZAR) by wrapping the piece around the lower part of the body. Then turn the upper part of the Izar in such a way as to form a belt. This will secure the piece in its place.
  • Now take the upper piece of cloth called RIDA. Put it on both shoulders from behind and bring them in front of you. This is how it should be worn.
  • When you are doing the idtiba, put the RIDA on one shoulder. From the other side, the piece of cloth is taken from underneath the right shoulder and placed upon the left one which already has the RIDA on it. In this way, your right shoulder will be left uncovered.