Preparation for Hajj (Purification)

Going to Hajj is one of the best experiences any Muslim can dream of. A journey to that holy place requires a lot more than the rituals which are to be performed there. When you plan to go for Hajj, you must prepare yourself for the following.

Spirituality is most important: Avoid all those things which are prohibited during the Hajj. Pray to Allah and submit yourself to HIM. Be prepared to give yourself in a submissive way during the process of Hajj. Avoid quarrels, and abusive words and protection of tongue is a must.

Finance is crucial for a stable experience: visa from homeland to your arrival in the holy city of Makkah; the whole journey is based upon your finances. Finances are so important that Hajj is only allowed when you are financially stable and sound. Your stay, eating, medicine, everything depends upon finances. Not to mention the shopping of necessary items for Hajj before going there is very important as well.

Mental preparation: one must prepare mentally for all the hardships you will be facing during Hajj. You should also have conversations with other hajis and with family members.

Physical preparation: hajj requires you to be physically fit. You will have to able to walk, run, and stand for a long period. This all exertion is for Allah Almighty, and you should not hesitate at any point. You can check your medical records and get a vaccine for certain illnesses.