Hajj Rituals & Stages

If you ask anyone, the rituals of Hajj may sound too many and difficult. But in reality, the rituals are simple to understand. Of course, they require a lot of physical strength, but they don’t take a lot to understand.

Ihram and Niyyah – it is the first basic step at the beginning of the Hajj journey. Without ihram, you are not ready to start Hajj. It is to be worn at Miqat. It is compulsory.

Tawaf – when you reach the Holy Makkah, you are to perform the Tawaaf. It is the circumambulation done seven times around KhanaKaba.

At mina – you go to Mina, and there you spend the night. There are three pillars which represent the shaitaan who attempted to tempt Hazrat Ibrahim. One small pillar, one medium pillar and then a large one.

Waquf Arafat – on 9th of Dhul-Hijjah, you go to Arafat and listen to the Khutbah of Hajj. You must leave before Maghrib to Muzdalifah.

At Muzdalifah – you pray Maghrib and Esha prayers. Then you collect stones and after spending the night, return to mina after the first prayer. Then you must hit one of the three pillars, the smaller pillar being hit first. Then during the stay in mina, which is of 5 days, you will throw and hit stones on each pillar per day.

Eid ul adha – on 10th of Dhul-Hijjah, Eid-ul-Adha takes place where Muslims sacrifices a sheep in the remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim who willingly sacrificed his son Ismael as an act of submission to Allah Almighty. Before the human sacrifice was done, Allah replaced Hazrat Ismael with a lamb.