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The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the United Kingdom along with its Consular Section is accountable for informing the Pilgrims regarding the Hajj visas and their granting. As per the law, hajj visa is not applicable for residency or work.

Those who have already performed the Hajj in the time period of the last 5 years, will not be eligible for Hajj visas.

The Hajj visa applications should be applied via a licensed travelling agency (which Haji tours are). The application incorporates the accommodation contacts along with the Hajj ministry’s letter that ensures that the respective travelling/hajj agency is legit and has duly fulfilled all the requirements.

Agencies offering hajj applications and visas are anticipated to sign the contract produced by the Ministry of Hajj prior to the submission of the passports to the for the Hajj visas in Embassy. This signed contract evidence the obligations and right that the pilgrim or the agency have. A copy is kept with the agency in case they are asked for it by the Embassy for records.

This contract is a very important legal paper and is a pre-requisite in order to obtain the Hajj visa. However, failure to do so or breaching any term mentioned will be considered fraud. This also results in withdrawing from the agency privilege that enables one to manage the visas.

Before going to Hajj with any agency one must ask them about their status or may check the authenticity by reviewing the contract.

If the below-mentioned requirements are not followed the Hajj visa application cannot be processed.

  1. The candidates should contain their original passport with the 6 months of validity. This should be acceptable for entering in Saudi Arabia as well as in other destinations. Moreover, your passport should contain 2 or more empty visa pages that have to be in front of each other.
  2. All the applicants should have 1 passport size (recent and colored) photograph having a white background. It should have a full view of the face in the direction of the camera. Since angled or side images are not accepted.
  3. The application form is filled with black ink. The respective form must be stamped and signed by the officials of the travelling agency.
  4. The Hajj mahram is expected to fill his complete details on the form with respect to his children, spouse or the relatives they are travelling with. Copies of birth or marriage certificates should be with them. If these documents are in a different language then they must be authenticated and/or translated by the licensed translation office.
  5. The women passengers are expected to travel with their Mahram only and this requires the proof of the relation with the person i.e. evidence of kinship. Moreover, females over age 50 can perform hajj with the respective groups. However, a letter for no objection should be submitted by them which can be from their son, handed, father or any mahram. The letter is expected to be notarized.
  6. The candidates must ensure the non-refundable and a roundtrip ticket which has a confirmed reservation.
  7. All the applicants are required to submit their vaccination proof that shows the vaccination for ACYW135 and meningitis. Moreover, children from age 1- 15 should be vaccinated and their report showing polio vaccination is required. Same vaccinations required for the adults should be submitted for children too.
    • a. ACYW135 and meningitis.
    • b. Before applying for the Hajj Visa, seasonal flu vaccination should be taken as well.
    • c. the vaccination for the H1N1 flu should be taken before Hajj and is required to take around 2 weeks before the visa application.
    • d. Infants or the children under age 15 should be vaccinated with polio and meningococcal and its report are required to be shown too.
    • e. The experts of the Health advise the postpone the Hajj and Umrah plan for the current year if the applicant is: terminally ill, elderly, children and pregnant women.
  8. The pilgrim is required to show 2 cashier or certified checks which is to be payable to the “Unified Agents Office” within the pilgrimage services in Jeddah. The checks are required to have the name and pilgrim’s passport number. The applicants are required to the below-mentioned fee structure:
    • (a) $158.40 (USD) for the services to be asked by the local Tawaf agencies as well as Holy sites housing.
    • (b) $116.00 (USD) for transportation services with air-conditioned.
  9. Candidates under 18 will not be given the Hajj visa they are not companies with their family or any relative but should possess the notarized letter for the authorization, and signed by their parents or legal guardians.
  10. If the pilgrim is a convertible Muslim i.e. has converted him or herself to Islam then an Islamic certificate is required to be presented. This respective certificate should be notarized from the Islamic Center.

General Guidelines:

All the travellers must convey inoculation testaments along with them for examination at the port of Saudi Authority section.
No nourishment items are permitted into Saudi Arabia.

4 Dhu Al-Hajjah is the last day to enter King Abdulaziz Airport located in Jeddah for Hajj purpose.
Upon entry, explorers will hand their international IDs to the “Bound together Agents Office” delegates to empower the last to finish all go customs to Madinah and Makkah.

In the occasion that explorers lose their visa, they ought to promptly report the misfortune to a similar office delegated to deal with them amid Hajj. Candidates must get the report from the Unified Agents workplace in which the loss of international ID is referenced.

If explorers ought to lose their international ID, they ought to quickly report the misfortune to a similar office selected to deal with them amid Hajj. Applicants must acquire a report from Unified Agents’ workplace in which the loss of the international ID is mentioned.

All explorers should leave Saudi Arabia after performing the Hajj no later than the 10th Muharram of every year. The standards and guidelines of Saudi Arabia restrict any travellers from remaining in the nation after the finish of Hajj.


Guests of Saudi Arabia will keep the nation’s laws and guidelines with respect to Islam and regard its general public’s qualities and conventions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hostile to medicate dealing laws are carefully upheld. Violators are liable to extreme discipline, which may incorporate capital punishment. Partisan, religious, or political social events are taboo.