History of Hajj

The history of hajj is not clear as there is no evidence found about when it began. The date which can be traced back is the time Hazrat Ibrahim came to Makkah desert. It is that place where it was noticed that foundation of the old building of khaneKaba was present. So it is guessed that Hajj used to be performed before that time.

According to the records, when Hazrat Ibrahim took his wife Hajra and son Ismael and left them in the desert on the orders of Allah, which is the place where Khane-kaba was built. When Hazrat Ibrahim returned, and orders of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ismael came, he fulfilled the will of Allah and Allah rewarded him by replacing the human by a sheep.

Then the order came about building a house of Allah where pilgrims will come and offer Hajj. The circumambulation and other rituals, when combined and performed altogether, are known as hajj. Muslims from everywhere used to come and offer hajj, but it was considered a compulsion in 9th Hijri. All the rituals were explained in detail by Hazrat Mohammad PBUH himself when he performed Hajj.