British Hajj Delegation Medical Support

Earlier it used to happen that during Hajj when people would gather in the grounds of Mina; due to a large number of attendants and time limit to perform duties of Hajj, there would be causalities and injuries. To overcome such scenarios, British Hajj Delegation Medical Support was set up, which offered medical advice, treatment, and support to the pilgrims.

British Hajj Delegation is a not-for-profit charity. The clinics are set up in the grounds which are operational for three weeks. It consists of teams of doctors and general physicians who are all qualified and certified.


The team of doctor which is sent in the Medical Hajj Delegation is selected on a volunteer basis. All these doctors are registered with BMA, British Medical Association, which checks the medical practice in the UK. The teams consist of both male and female doctors. Usually, the team consists of 8 doctors who are always ready to provide you the right medical assistance.

Since they volunteer for the three-week-delegation, they are not paid. Though they look for Locum, which covers their work, as they are not able to do their routine work back home. Locum is a temporary doctor providing cover.


There are a few things you must know about the British Hajj Delegation Medical Support. This information is very basic and general, and many pilgrims don’t know about it.

  • A clinic is set in their hotel rooms where they make separate spaces for men and women.
  • Since the doctors are volunteering for this trip, the clinic is free of cost.
  • The clinic is very basic and does not look like a General Physician’s surgery room like in the UK.
  • It starts a few days before hajj when pilgrims start arriving. And it lasts after a few days of hajj as well.
  • It is opened for almost 14 – 16 hours to offer medical services. But during the Hajj in Makkah, the time can differ.
  • Before you get checked by the doctors present in the clinic, you must fill a small and easy form which is available at the clinic. It is a doctor’s necessity.
  • During Hajj, the clinic is shifted to Mina in the Europa Camp. But it must be noted that the clinic does not open and operate on the day of Arafat or the following morning.
  • Mostly, the medication is free of cost, and they are general. But if your medicine is a different one, a prescription will be given to you so you can buy from any pharmacy present in Makkah.

The purpose of the clinic and doctors is to offer as much medical assistance as possible when the rush of people is beyond imagination. When many people gather together in one place, congestion happens, and such circumstances are bound to make more than few people fall sick, get an injury, or face any irregularity in their already existing medical condition.