• Have you dreamed about starting your own business?
  • Are you passionate about Hajj and Umrah Tours?
  • And do you want to be in control of how much you can earn?
We want to work with you if you’re ready to meet a new challenge, in a career you can love. You’ll get every tool you could possibly need. You don’t need to worry about technology, regulations, licenses, software or marketing. Then we add training, mentor-ship and support that can’t be matched anywhere else. We’ll even help you find the best customers for your new business.
No Experience Needed
Full Training Included
Quick Start Programme
Unlimited Earnings
Your Own Websites Complete Support
No Administration Marketing Kit.

Get full training, support and advice whenever you need it

Starting your own business can be daunting, without learning a brand new set of skills as well. The great thing about Haji Tours is that – if you’ve ever booked a Hajj and Umrah Package for yourself – then you can be a tour operator. Of course, there’s terminology to learn and processes to understand. You’ll need to know about dynamic packaging, discounting and how to make bookings.

You’ll also need to be able to be keep on top of all your customers and their needs. But, with the right help, you can master these skills in just few weeks. We deliver a comprehensive training programme for you at our head office in Manchester. It lasts 2 weeks, during which you learn all the essential systems to run your new business.

If you’ve never been in business for yourself before, you aren’t alone. In fact, we will provide support and training until you become a professional travel and tour operator. We’ll show you how to set-up a business and provide financial advice, as well as a business development coach. By the time you leave, you’ll have all the skills, I.T. and infrastructure to be a professional independent travel agent.

The proof is in the success rates we see. Many Our sub-agents take their first booking before they complete training, because they become confident so quickly. And we don’t stop there. Every new consultant gets partnered with an existing successful Travel Mentor, to help guide you as you start your new career adventure!

You have unlimited earning potential – do you have the desire to succeed?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “How much can I earn?

It’s a difficult question to answer. As Travel Agents work on commission, and everyone has a different approach, there are no standard earnings. The fact is, your earning potential is truly linked with your approach, attitude and customers. While most of our consultants work from home, they all have different goals. Some want to supplement their current job with a part-time income that they love. Others are full-time. It’s entirely possible to beat the national average wage without any of the downsides of working for other people.

Then there are those with a real ambition to build a large business. People who want to make life-changing income from Travel. If you want to take advantage of all of our mentor-ship & exclusive products to create scale-able businesses with staff and high street premises. And that’s the beauty of a franchise, you get to pick the investment level you’re comfortable with – and the lifestyle you want. There’s no boss. And there are no targets. Just a world of support to help you succeed.

Our all 4 services Hajj, Umrah, worldwide Flights, and Worldwide Money Transfers are at your fingertips, ready to pay great commission.

“I wanted something that was exciting, different and helped people travel for Hajj and Umrah like I  have. I’m really enjoying it!”

Mohammad Rafi
Hajj and Umrah Group Leader

Learn from the best with our exclusive mentor-ship programmes

While our training programme is second-to-none, it’s our commitment to your success that sets The Hajj and Umrah Travel Franchise apart in the industry. Most franchises give you some materials & basic training and then you are on your own. We take the opposite approach. We choose not to make money on the franchise itself, by re-investing the fees in you.

When you join as a consultant, you get access to a wealth of knowledge and mentor-ship from day one. First, we create a personal development plan with you. It’s designed specifically to get you to your goals quickly. Then we put you on a fast-start-programme, where we teach you all the skills you need to rapidly find & delight customers.

Every new consultant also gets the chance to come on our unique experience. This is an intensive training programme that takes place in Head office for two weeks, and than in 5 days in Makkah and Medinah where you’ll get to meet our Saudi Guides, also we will take you to our Visa Service Provider, Transport company and various Hotels where our guest stay during their journey for hajj and umrah trips, also we will show you the sight seen(Ziarats In Makkah and Medinah) so that you can easily explain to your guests Depending on your franchise level, you also get lot of knowledge and experience with us on Saudi Trip. Here, we work on your business together and develop your skills further.

Finally, we assign a Business Development manager to work with you whenever you need them on a day-to-day basis. There isn’t a mentor-ship programme like this available anywhere else. And it’s exclusive to consultants with The Hajj and Umrah Travel Franchise.

We will also train you on our friendly hajj and umrah booking system where you can make customers tailor made and block packages as well as maintain the invoice system Beside this we will train you on airlines GDS (sabre) and also train you for Money transferring booking system, where you can make extra money beside hajj and umrah packages, In our GDS you can make more than 200 airlines booking which can be for all nationals.

Choose the right franchise for you & your goals

  • 2 weeks Residential Training Programme
  • Business Development Manager
  • Haji Tours Booking Website
  • Unique umrah and hajj booking software
  • GDS Sabre (Airlines booking System)
  • Money transfer online booking system
  • Full Marketing Materials
  • Online Advertising
  • Local Marketing Support
  • 7 Days A Week Support by call center
  • Back-Office Admin
  • Exclusive Partners In Travel Programme
  • ATOL / IATA Protected
  • Umrah visa licence
  • 12 Month Personal Development Programme
  • 5 Day Elite Training Experience In Saudia
  • In house Workshops
  • Bill board advertisement before start up
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media Marketing
  • Tv and Radio Marketing
  • All Marketing And Paperwork In Your Branding
  • Office set up support
  • Bespoke office furniture
  • Net commission for all packages, flights and Money Transfer
  • Access to Management Team Throughout The Year

All of our franchises come with monthly and quarterly payment plans for eligible consultants. Call us today to find out about our 100% Money Back Challenge.

Are you ready to open the Travel Business of your dreams?

Choosing to start any business is a huge step in your life. A franchise takes away a lot of the risk by offering a proven business model. But you still need the right partner by your side. We’re looking for people with a passion for Hajj and Umrah travel and a burning desire to succeed. We take care of the rest. That makes any of our franchises a genuine partnership. So it really is over to you.

We don’t employ sales people, but we’d love to talk to you about your aspirations. The next step is to have a call with our Franchise Director, Mohammad Arif. He will provide you with even more detailed information, including:

  • The way commissions work and what type of bookings to expect;
  • The key tips you need to be a travel agent
  • A detailed run-through of all the things you get with our franchises
  • More insight into our training and mentorship programmes;

He’ll also answer any questions you have about our franchises & the travel industry. Call us today on 02071128170

Haji Tours Franchise